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Our selection of real games of skill are the perfect way to get the kids off their i-this or i-that.  All simple to learn but highly addictive and entertaining, these classic games will provide hours of fun for a lifetime.  Outshoot your opponents in a classic battle of marbles or show that you have nerves of steel and a steady hand at tumble tower or pick-up sticks.  All are custom designed, hand crafted from eco-friendly hardwood and include easy to follow rules.  

Games of Skill


tumble tower

With origins in Africa, this game of pure skill is one of the most popular games in the world.  In Ghana, the game means literally to "build a house".  The simple aim of the game is to build your tower as high as possible before it tumbles down. Knock it down and you lose!  Our tumble tower comes in two sizes, Standard and Jumbo. Both come in a beautiful hardwood box with slide-out lid to make initial set up easy.

box of one hundred marbles

The ancient game of marbles is  estimated to be more than 5,000 years old with early versions of this great game of skill made from stone or clay.

The aim of the game is to fire (thumb-flick) your "shooter" (larger marble) at other marbles in a bid to knock them out of the playing circle.  Any knocked out are scored as yours. In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, kids across Australia often played for "keepsies" both indoors and out.

Our fabulous box of premium glass marbles includes 4x 25mm shooters and 96 x 16mm marbles in a variety of custom designed colourful patterns.  Our box with sliding lid is crafted from hardwood.


mikado (pick up sticks)

When was the last time you played pick up sticks?  Originating in Europe, the highest scoring stick was named the Mikado after the Emperor of Japan.  In the USA and Australia, the game has widely been known as pick up sticks!  Our version comes in a perfectly crafted timber box with sliding lid.

200mm x 50mm x 28mm

Jumbo $119.95

Standard $36.95




games of skill bundle


Who will you crown as the king or queen of skill in your lot?  Buy all three games of strategy and save $19.00.  

Bundle includes Tumble Tower (Standard), a box of 100 marbles and Mikado.

All are beautifully handcrafted from hardwood and include easy to follow rules.

SAVE 24%


Pick Up Sticks by Planet Finska
Tumble Tower by Planet Finska
Box of 100 Marbles

20cm x 8cm x 6.5cm