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Our selection of beautiful thinking games are the perfect gifts for thinkers and lovers of games of strategy.  Outwit and outsmart your opponents by making the right move and anticipating what their next move might be.  All are custom designed, hand crafted from eco-friendly hardwood and include easy to follow rules.

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Games of Strategy


kalaha (mancala)

The addictve game of Kalaha originated in West Africa and is said to be more than 3000 yers old. Today it is played widely with different names and rule variations evident across hundreds of African tribes.  The genius of Kalaha is the simplicity of the rules coupled with the complexity of strategic thinking that dominates the game.  The aim of this two player game is to outscore your opponent and collect the most seeds.

Our version is crafted from beautiful hardwood and folds in half for easy compact storage.   24cm x 13cm x 5cm (when folded)


chinese checkers

This family classic was surprisingly not invented in China.   Chinese Checkers originated in Germany in 1892 as a star shaped version of the American game "Halma".  The 6 pointed star caters for 2, 3 or 6 players.  Each player must hop their 10 pegs to the opposite star point before their opponents.  Outwit by blocking your opponent or using their pegs to get home first.  Chinese Checkers is a timeless favourite the world over.

The game folds in half for easy storage of the timber handpainted pegs.   24.5cm x 12cm x 4.5cm (when folded).


The earliest forms of ludo go back to the 6th Century where the game was known as Pachisi.    The simple aim of this 2 to 4 player game is to race your four pegs around the board and get them home before your opponents.  The game is however much more than pure luck.  Strategic decisions must be made as to which piece to move and whether to launch another piece onto the playing board.  Land on your opponent and send them back to the beginning!   A great entry level thinking game for the whole family.  Our big beautiful designer ludo folds in half for easy storage of the timber handpainted pegs.   33cm x 16.5cm x 4cm (when folded).

premium folding ludo


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All are beautifully handcrafted from hardwood and include easy to follow rules.

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